Our church is committed to worshipping together, learning together and serving together. To that end we encourage people to be in worship at least once a week, be part of a Life Care Group at least once a week, and be engaged in one form of ministry where gifts and talents can be used for the glory of God.

Our worship services are at 10.00am on Sunday morning. They are a time of contemporary worship, buttressed by congregational prayer and underpin the teaching of the Word of God. Various members of the congregation use their gifts as a means by which they contribute to the worship life of the church, including people who lead worship, sing, play instruments, serve coffee, greet at the door and turn the lights off when everybody has gone home!

Our preaching is generally expositional, seeking to relate the ancient text to contemporary issues by understanding what it meant to the original recipients in their context. We are constantly amazed at how relevant and timely God’s word is as we open it week by week.

A time of prayer can offered after the service for those who might have special needs or require follow up after hearing God speak in our worship.

Children are part of our family and are very welcome in our worship.

We enjoy a time for conversation over morning tea after our services.