As is explained in our doctrinal statement, we believe that the church is a spiritual society, established by the Lord Jesus Christ, and should consist of persons who have personally and consciously accepted Him as Saviour and Lord. Membership of our church is open to people who have experienced a spiritual baptism performed by Christ and have expressed that through water baptism as believers.

The membership of the church takes responsibility for managing the affairs of the church under Christ as the ultimate authority. Members meet formally twice a year to determine the annual budget and to make appointments to ministry positions at the annual general meeting. Special meetings can be called for the purpose of appointing paid staff or for other matters that require the input and decision making of the membership.

The membership appoints a team of elders who are responsible for the spiritual oversight of the church. The elders and pastor (who is in effect also an elder) meet monthly.

The members also appoint an Administration team who oversee the practical operations of the fellowship including buildings and maintenance as well as financial management.
As a Baptist church we operate autonomously from any other authority, other than the authority of Christ, but we do have a relationship with the Baptist Union of Victoria who provide support and resources for Baptist churches across the state.